Lockdown Adaption

The past six weeks have been extraordinary as we adapt to life in lockdown. 

While the majority of horses are relaxing in the fields the team has continued to improve the yard and gallops. Pictured are Emirat de Catana and Caboy delighted to hear that work is being done somewhere.

The woodchip at Kilduff and Arlary has been refurbished as has the deep sand gallop in preparation for pre training. We have added some carpet gallop field crossings so that we can add three more new grass gallops around the farm.

All of this makes us want to get the horses going again, but for the winter horses, time in the fields will help them recover and rest from last season.

We do have twenty or so in pre training getting ready for a July start if all goes well. Our pre training routine from last year resulted in fewer injuries, both soft tissue and bone, meaning more horses ready to return to training in July, and while it takes time to instigate the pre training routine, the horses thrive on it. 

Half the team of staff is still furloughed, but I am delighted that they are all keeping in touch and many are taking online courses covering a variety of topics, including horsecare, racing, and personal development. Those that continue to work have been incredible; taking on many different roles and all pulling in the same direction. 

Our bubble of horse racing seems very insignificant in these times, and with VE Day yesterday I think that we are all thankful and aware of the sacrifices made by many, back then, and now as we face different challenges. Life is changing, but the good bits of comradeship and caring can continue to shine through. 



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